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• 10/20/2013

Once Upon a "Glee-do"

Okay so I kinda lost a lot of drive to write recently and i fully apologise for that, now for the explaination of the title, I'm gonna be re-planning a LOT of songs and a few plotlines so yeah my biggest announcement is about Mirror, Mirror after having a good long think I'm scrapping the mashup idea AND changing the partners so I'll put the names in a randomiser and only ten of the characters will sing in the episodes :)
Also I hope to have Bring It On finished and up by November 9 :)
You know you love me
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• 7/19/2013

Mirror, Mirror/New Cover Art

Okay people I am gonna need some suggestions for Mirror, Mirror you must pick a song that your character(s) would normally sing, but you may not want to pick one of your favourites due to the other character they're "Swapping Bodies" with will be singing it in the mashup :)
Also on another note I've been playing around with a new idea for cover art for each episode. I am gonna take 2 FF members/Dorothy, Mary or Robert and 1 PA member/Killian and have them be on the covers for the week so in saying that. which do you prefer?

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• 5/22/2013

Divas Episode

Alright everyone I need some help here I have SOOO many diva songs I want to put into Who's The Diva Now? BUT I don't want to overfill it so far I will definitely be using these songs

Video Games by Lana Del Rey. Sung by Kiara
Fantasy by Mariah Carey. Sung by Danny & Kyler
Independent Women/Diva by Destiny's Child/Beyonce. Sung by The Divas
Hit 'Em Up Style by Blu Cantrell. Sung by TBA
Not Ready To Make Nice by The Dixie Chicks. Sung by The Flawless Fantasies
Now for the hard part I'm basically gonna put a list of songs that I would like to feature but the list for the episode cannot surpass (in total) 20 at MOST. So the songs are:

Girl On Fire (Inferno Version) by Alicia Keys feat. Nicki Minaj.
Like This by Kelly Rowland feat. Eve.
My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. Might be substitued for It's All Coming Back To Me Now
I Was Here by Beyonce
Man! I Feel Like a Women by Shania Twain
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin
When You Believe by Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston
Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner
You Haven't Seen The Last of Me by Cher
Alive by Leona Lewis
Cold Hearted by Paula Abdul
Last Dance by Donna Summer
Chain Reaction by Diana Ross
So I REALLY need this list narrowed down and singers please
Love always 
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• 5/18/2013

Episode 1

It has been published y'all! :D
Episode 1: Chapter 1: A New Beginning
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• 5/16/2013

Love Interests

Seeing as you did this for Glins, I was wondering if you could tell us any of the possible love interests you had in mind for the characters. It's totally fine if you don't want to spoil it, though.
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• 5/12/2013

A Little Help?

I'm a part of this fanfiction which is called Glee: The Future of Us and the ninth episode of the first season was just posted. Freak For Finchel is the author and she is currently holding auditions for later on in Season One and Season Two. If you guys want to audition, here is the link to the auditions  and to the wiki. :)
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• 5/9/2013

Season 1

Please check out the Season 1 Episode Suggestions page I need your help guys
Have a lovely weekend everyone. I shall be back on Monday (New Zealand)
Love always
Hinton :)
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• 5/13/2013


Right so yeah I want to have tributes but I don't know what artists to do so I'm gonna give everyone to put two artists/musicals they love on this post and then they will be randomised and faced off against each other, so in the end there will be five tributes this season and the non selected tributes will face off with another set to be featured in Season 2  :)
My artists are Lady GaGa and Kelly Clarkson... So yeah happy posting y'all :D
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• 5/9/2013

Before The Spell Section

You may opt to do these yourself BUT if you have not done them by 17th of May (GWT +12 Time Zone) I will write them for you. (You will be allowed to tweak them as well) :)
P.S. I am going out of town tommorrow and will not be here to do anything until Monday. I trust all of you BUT whilst I'm away Olivia (UndercoverGleek1) will be in charge. Also I'm looking for a 2nd In Charge if anyone wants this just reply :D
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• 5/9/2013


I am currently thinking about making a pinterest account for this fiction where we can share ideas on competition outfits, episode looks etc. do you guys think this is a good idea or not?
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