Season One
Season 1, Episode 1-22
First Aired May 18, 2013
Written By Purple-Glee-Project
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The first season of the fan-fiction, Once Upon a Gleeful Time written by Purple-Glee-Project.


Main CastEdit

Abigail Breslin as Alyssa Hart (1/22)
Holland Roden as Amelia Boyd (2/22)
Karen Gillan as Anna Moran (2/22)
Lucas Grabeel as Arthur Smith (1/22)
Dianna Agron as Briar Rowe (2/22)
Rupert Grint as Chandler Little (2/22)
Josh Hutcherson as Danny Tomlinson (2/22)
Liam Payne as Eric Goldberg (2/22)
Rachel Hurd-Wood as Henley Darling (2/22)
Shayne Topp as Hinton Bextor (1/22)
Emma Watson as Isabelle Lamontague (2/22)
Olivia Holt as Kiara Wileteen (2/22)
Billy Unger as Kyler Wilde (2/22)
Logan Lerman as Liam Calder (1/22)
Avan Jogia as Martin Green (2/22)
Ginnifer Goodwin as Mary Margaret Blanchard (2/22)
Niall Horan as Michael Friend (2/22)
Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pratt (1/22)
Alexandria DeBerry as Rachel Powell (2/22)
Vanessa Lengies as Tiana Dunlop (2/22)
Chloe Grace Moretz as Tina Kerry (2/22)

Recurring CastEdit

Katelyn Tarver as Annie Adams (2/22)
Lucy Hale as Audrey Boyd (2/22)
Zooey Deschanel as Dorothy Dandridge (2/22)
Spencer Boldman as Herk Olympus (2/22)
Colin O'Donoghue as Killian "Hook" Jones (2/22)
Victoria Justice as Megan Williams (1/22)
Damian McGinty as Percy Stavros (2/22)
Lyndsy Fonseca as Raleigh Wolff (2/22)
Jensen Ackles as Robert Cloak (2/22)
Tom Fletcher as Zachery Dodge (2/22)

Guest CastEdit

Jessy Schram as Ashley Boyd (2/22)
Lana Parrilla as Regina Mills (1/22)
Robert Carlyle as Ross Gold (1/22)
Meghan Ory as Ruby Lucas (0/22)
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Zara Sugars (1/22)

Episode Overview Edit

Episode Title/Airdate Overview Songs
Chapter 1: A New Beginning
May 18, 2013
2 years have passed since the drama in Storybrooke and things have changed radically. Regina brought the rest of The Enchanted Forest to the town of Storybrooke and Ross Gold decided to mass produce a potion to help the citizens cross the town line. Mary Margaret, now a high school English teacher decided to form a glee club at the high school with her latest best friend Dorothy but Hook now the high school's gym teacher and now two handed, thanks to Regina, has other plans. Thank YouSomewhere, Starlight, Here's To Never Growing Up, What I Did For Love, An Honest Mistake, It's Time, A Place In This World/Innocent, Working For The Weekend, Feed The Birds, I Feel Pretty & Proud
Laced With Poison
July 20, 2013
Upon hearing about The Flawless FantasiesKillian decides to pull together some of the more nasty misfits of Storybrooke High School and create The Poison Apples. Much to Mary Margaret's dismay Dorothy agrees for the two glee clubs to face off in a head to head battle. Life Is a Highway, Dark Side, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Shake It Out, Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, New Perspective, The Fear, Hey There Delilah, Cups (When I'm Gone), Marilyn Monroe, Tea Party, Fuck You, Anything Could Happen & We Are Young
Bring It On
When the boys complain about all the "girly music" they've been performing in glee club, Dorothy decides to get the club to face off in a boys versus girls competition, with a catch the boys MUST perform songs by female artists so they accept the fact that they will have to sing female artists in glee club, while she sets the girls with performing male artists so they realize even though there are more female artists in the music industry the male's are just as good. It's My Life, Wannabe, Makes Me Wonder, Hero, Viva La Vida/Little Lion Man, Super Bass, Locked Out of Heaven, Blown Away, The Cave, Bulletproof/I Will Survive & Secrets/Animal
Gaga For GaGa
With Sectionals fast approaching Mary Margaret looks to get the groups level of theatricality up when she turns to DorothyRobertZaraRuby and even Regina they all say the same artist is possibly the most theatrical; Lady GaGa. TBA/TBA, TBA, TBA, Edge of Glory, TBA, TBA, TBA, Vanity, TBA, TBA, TBA/TBA & Scheiße
When the core 10 members of The Flawless Fantasies stumble upon mega mashups on YouTube they plead with Mary Margaret and Dorothy to let them do a week worth of mashups from YouTube only. Female Megamix 2.0, Pop Danthology 2012, Whitney, Summer 2011 Mashup, Shine Brighter, PopLove 2012, Mega Mashup 2012, World Go Boom, Blame It On The Pop, SummerMash '13, 2011: The After Mash & Pop Mega Shuffle
Opposites Attract
While the children start to argue and fight about who's better and starting to complain that none of them have ANYTHING in common Mary Margaret sets them the task of creating their own mashups that are completely different whether it be genre or message to show them that opposites attract. I Wanna Dance With Somebody/California Gurls/Tik Tok, Radioactive/Radioactive, I Wanna Go/Mirrors, Up Out My Face/Stupid Hoe, Call Me Maybe/Jar of Hearts, Lithium/Paparazzi, In The Dark/Toxic, E.T./I Love Rock And Roll, I Hate Everything About You/Halo, Who You Are/Everything I'm Not & Brokenhearted/Wide Awake
Burning Bright
Sectionals has arrived for The Flawless Fantasies and The Poison Apples and both teams think they've got this in the bag, but when there is a surprise theme to the competition will they lose to National Champion team The Melody Makers? Make It In America, TBA/TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA/TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA/TBA & TBA
Dance For Me
When Dorothy realises how little dance skills the group has she puts The Flawless Fantasies into an intensive booty camp and gets them to perform songs to show off their dance abilities At The Ballet, Dancing On My Own, TBA, Dance Again/TBA, Hips Don't Lie, Disco Inferno, TBA, Dancing, TBA, TBA & Murder On The Dance Floor
Mirror, Mirror
With arguing in glee club at an all time high Mary Margaret decides to set the kids a task of "swapping bodies" with another member of glee club, entailing them to dress, talk and perform a song like they would. But Dorothy and Robert both say that's far too easy and sets the pairs to perform a mashup consisting of a song from both of the pair, with the each singing the other's choice. TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, What If, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, Unpretty
Who's The Diva Now?
When many in The Flawless Fantasies start to get big headed thinking they're the top dog in glee club Mary Margaret and Dorothy decide to have a little friendly contest between the kids having them perform some of the greatest divas in music. TBA, TBA, My Heart Will Go On, The Boy Is Mine, Fantasy, TBA, TBA, TBA, I Was Here, Video Games, TBA, Diva/TBA & Not Ready To Make Nice
When thrust into a whole new world where materialism is widely accepted The Flawless Fantasy members who had very little or even nothing in The Enchanted Forest start to get greedy wanting more and more, can Mary Margaret, Dorothy and the other Flawless Fantasies bring them back to down to earth or will they be lost to the paper trail? Paper Gangsta, Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, I Want It Now!, Glitter & Gold, Material Girl/TBA, Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, Superficial, TBA, Animal, I Got Money Now, TBA/TBA & TBA/TBA
Flawless Club 7
True Love's Kiss
Valentine's Day has arrived Mary Margaret really wants the kids to get into the spirit of Valentine's Day by singing love songs. But when Dorothy and Robert tell her that may be a little too hard on those that aren't in love they decide that they can either sing songs about falling in love or falling out of it. I Will Always Love You, TBA, At Last/That Ole Devil Called Love, TBA, Kill My Boyfriend, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA & Love Song
Robert complains to Mary Margaret about how the kids have had a lack of musicals done in glee club and decides that they should perform songs solely from the musical Wicked, much to Dorothy's disgust.

Defying Gravity, March of The Witch Hunters, No One Mourns The Wicked, As Long As You're Mine, Popular, I'm Not That Girl, Dancing Through Life, The Wicked Witch of the East, What Is This Feeling? & For Good

Party Like a Rockstar
With a house party going down at The Queen Bee's house all of The Flawless Fantasies are excited but with a new world filled with easier access to alcohol and so much sexual imagery, will it be a night to remember or a night best forgotten? Let's Have a Kiki, Diane Young, TBA, TBA, Crash Your Party, TBA, Patron, Tequila, We Can't Stop, TBA, TBA, Drunk/Sober & Blame It (On The Alcohol)
With Robert still whinging about the lack of Broadway happening in the glee club, Dorothy snaps and declares the week to be Broadway week giving the students free range of which musicals they perform songs from A New Life, I Know It's Today, Buenos Aires, As Long As He Needs Me, Science Fiction/Double Feature, Cell Block Tango, Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee, All That Jazz, Journey To The Past, Do You Hear The People Sing, My Favourite Things, Just You Wait & You Can't Stop The Beat