The Flawless Fantasies is one of two glee clubs at Storybrooke High School. It has just been started up by Mary Margaret Blanchard & Dorothy Dandridge.

Current MembersEdit

Member ChartEdit

No. Name Status Solos* Position
1 Michael Friend Active 3 Member
2 Briar Rowe Active 4 Member
3 Henley Darling Active 4 Member
4 Eric Goldberg Active 3 Member
5 Chandler Little Active 5 Member
6 Kyler Wilde Active 3 Member
7 Rachel Powell Active 4 Member
8 Martin Green Active 4 Member
9 Isabelle Lamontague Active 4 Member
10 Amelia Boyd Active 6 Member
11 Arthur Smith Active 1 Member
12 Danny Tomlinson Active 2 Member
13 Anna Moran Active 1 Member
14 Kiara Wileteen Active 2 Member
15 Hinton Bextor Active 2 Member
16 Liam Calder Active 0 Member
17 Tina Kerry Active 2 Member
18 Tiana Dunlop Active 1 Member
19 Alyssa Hart Active 1 Member
20 Peter Pratt Active 1 Member

*Only where the whole group has performed


FF Attendance Season 1 Summer Break
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Michael Friend Joined Active
Briar Rowe Joined Active
Henley Darling Joined Active
Eric Goldberg Joined Active
Chandler Little Joined Active
Kyler Wilde Joined Active
Rachel Powell Joined Active
Martin Green Joined Active
Isabelle Lamontague Joined Active
Amelia Boyd Joined Active
Arthur Smith Joined
Danny Tomlinson Joined
Anna Moran Joined
Kiara Wileteen Joined
Hinton Bextor Joined
Liam Calder Joined
Tina Kerry Joined
Tiana Dunlop Joined
Alyssa Hart Joined
Peter Pratt Joined



Every member so far has auditioned to join the group

Group NumbersEdit

Song Title Original Artist(s) Episode Solos
Thank You MKTO Chapter 1: A
New Beginning
Amelia, Henley, Briar, Martin, Isabelle, Kyler,
Michael,Rachel, Eric & Chandler
Proud Heather Small Rachel, Kyler, Amelia, Briar, Chandler, Henley,
Martin,Eric, Michael & Isabelle
New Perspective Panic! At The Disco Laced With Poison RachelKiaraChandlerMichaelBriarMartinKyler,
AmeliaIsabelle & Henley
I Love It Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX DannyHintonBriarIsabelleAmeliaAlyssaArthur,
Anna & Tina
Fuck You
(feat. The Poison Apples)
Lily Allen AmeliaDannyMartinZacheryAudreyRachel,
Secrets/Animal OneRepublic/Ke$ha Bring It On Chandler, Kiara, Eric, Amelia, Peter, Henley, Hinton,
Tina & Tiana